New Importers

If you are new to the importation business, as your customs broker, GLOBAL MARINELINES will assist you in building processes, which assure maximum efficiency.

  • Help you get a better understanding of the risks associated with importing goods into the USA
  • Assist and advise your company in terms of managing your compliance exposure
  • Refine your Customs compliance process
  • Assist you in ensuring optimization of the various trade programs
  • Assist you in identifying your specific brokerage requirements

It is essential for an importer to be aware of the processes and rules involved in international trade. As a service to our clients, we offer to conduct a number of Trade Compliance Seminars and workshops throughout the year. These seminars can be customized to suit the needs of our clients.


 GLOBAL MARINELINES will assist you in promoting efficiency and accuracy in your processes by:

  • Analyzing your current documentation and processes
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Reviewing compliance goals and resources
  • Analyzing the knowledge base of the departments responsible for import documentation and compliance


GLOBAL MARINELINES will assist you in developing greater control over the processes involved in importing, thereby giving you greater management control and allowing you to offer a better product. We will assist you in acquiring better practices by

  • Assessing and clarifying your documentation requirements
  • Working with your staff to draft process manuals
  • Assisting in the development of formal policies
  • Recommending appropriate documentation strategies
  • Providing specialized training for your staff
  • Encouraging management involvement and leadership